Brown, Sherrod

Political Party: Democrat

Chamber/Branch: Senate

State: Ohio

Family: Schultz, Connie
Brown, Larke Ummel (divorced)
Brown, Emily

Personal Financial Disclosure:

Nonprofit Affiliations:

Board Member Gallaudet University
Spouse speechPenn State University
Spouse Panel moderatorConnecticut Forum
Spouse speechHiram College
Spouse Speech Harvard University
Eagle ScoutBoy Scouts of America (BSA)Project Vote Smart
Teacher, Political Science and GovernmentOhio State UniversityProject Vote Smart
EmployeeService Employees International UnionWikipedia

Spouse and Family Nonprofit Affiliations:

PositionOrganizationFamily InvolvedSources
Spouse speechPenn State UniversitySchultz, Connie
Spouse Panel moderatorConnecticut ForumSchultz, Connie
Spouse speechHiram CollegeSchultz, Connie
Spouse Speech Harvard University Schultz, Connie
EmployeeService Employees International UnionBrown, EmilyWikipedia


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