American Cancer Society

Type of Nonprofit: 501(c)(3) Public Charity

Website Page: American Cancer Society

Guidestar Page:

PositionPoliticianDateFamily InvolvedSources
Fundraising Chair, Oconee ChapterGraham, Lindsey  Project Vote Smart
ChairReid, Harry  Guidestar
Board of Directors, Montgomery County UnitTonko, Paul  Project Vote Smart
Advisory CommitteeShelby, Richard  Other
Board MemberBishop Jr., Sanford  Other
Fundraising SupportGrassley, Charles  Other
"Remains Involved With"Moore, Dennis  Official Congress Site
Former President - Gallatin ChapterBlack, Diane  Project Vote Smart
Advisory Committee  Shelby, Annette NevinOther
Board Member  Bishop, Vivian CreightonOther
Fundraising Support  Grassley, BarbaraOther
"Remains Involved With"  Moore, StepheneOfficial Congress Site
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