Pelosi, Nancy

Political Party: Democrat

Chamber/Branch: House of Representatives

State: California

Congressional District: 8

Family: Pelosi, Paul

Personal Financial Disclosure:

Nonprofit Affiliations:

Founder, CFO & SecretaryThe Paul & Nancy Pelosi Charitable FoundationPersonal Financial Disclosure,Guidestar
Honorary Advisory BoardThe Women & Politics Institute at American University
Congressional Advisory BoardInternational Women's Democracy Center
TrusteeUnited States Botanic Garden
Board of Trustees Member Ex OfficioJohn F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Honorary Board of AdvisorsLead America
Honorary Board of AdvisorsNational Student Leadership Foundation
Honorary MemberWheelchair Foundation
Honorary Board MemberNational Women's History Museum
FounderThe Paul & Nancy Pelosi Charitable FoundationGuidestar
Her Group30 Something DemocratsProject Vote Smart,Other
FounderHousing Opportunities for People with AIDSProject Vote Smart,Official Congress Site
Member, Board of TrusteesLouis Seymour Bazett Leakey Foundation (LSB Leakey Foundation)Project Vote Smart
Honorary Board MemberNational Organization of Italian-American WomenProject Vote Smart
Secured funding for themNational Institutes of HealthOfficial Congress Site

Spouse and Family Nonprofit Affiliations:

PositionOrganizationFamily InvolvedSources
FounderThe Paul & Nancy Pelosi Charitable FoundationPelosi, PaulGuidestar



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