Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Type of Nonprofit: 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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Guidestar Page: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

PositionPoliticianDateFamily InvolvedSources
Board MemberPastor, Ed  
Board MemberBecerra, Xavier  
Board Member, Former Chair of CaucusRoybal-Allard, Lucille  Personal Financial Disclosure,Project Vote Smart
Board MemberReyes, Silvestre  
Board MemberSanchez, Loretta  Guidestar
Board MemberSanchez, Linda  Guidestar
Board MemberNapolitano, Grace  Guidestar
Board MemberCosta, Jim  Guidestar
Board MemberCardoza, Dennis  Guidestar
ChairmanBaca, Joe  Guidestar
Board MemberSalazar, John  Guidestar
Board MemberRos-Lehtinen, Ileana  Guidestar
Board MemberRodriguez, Ciro  Guidestar
Board MemberOrtiz, Solomon P.  Guidestar
Board MemberMenendez, Robert  Guidestar
Board MemberHinojosa, Ruben  Guidestar
Board MemberSires, Albio  Guidestar
Board MemberGonzalez, Charlie A.  Guidestar
Board MemberCuellar, Henry  Guidestar
Board MemberVelazquez, Nydia  Guidestar
Board MemberSerrano, Jose  Guidestar
Board MemberGutierrez, Luis  Guidestar
Board MemberGrijalva, Raul  Guidestar
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