American Legion

Type of Nonprofit: 501(c)(other)

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PositionPoliticianDateFamily InvolvedSources
MemberKerry, John  
Judge Advocate, Post 271Rooney, Tom  
Member, Post 1619Owens, Bill  
MemberCoble, Howard  
Member, Post 562, CummingHarkin, Tom  
MemberMoore, Dennis  
Member, Post 737Boccieri, John A.  
Member, Post 218Boehner, John  Project Vote Smart
MemberDavis, Geoff  Project Vote Smart
MemberThompson, Mike  Project Vote Smart
AssociatedCoffman, Mike  Project Vote Smart
AssociatedCarper, Thomas "Tom"  Project Vote Smart
MemberPeterson, Collin  Official Congress Site
MemberTaylor, Gene  Project Vote Smart
Member, Post 120Graham, Lindsey  Project Vote Smart,Guide to House & Senate
Member, Guignard Post 40 and 8Wilson, Joe  Project Vote Smart,Wikipedia
AssociatedLinder, John  Project Vote Smart
Life Member, Post 126Brown, Henry  Project Vote Smart
MemberTanner, John  Project Vote Smart,Guide to House & Senate
MemberDuncan Jr., John J.  Project Vote Smart,Guide to House & Senate
MemberReyes, Silvestre  Project Vote Smart
Member, Post 117Hall, Ralph M.  Project Vote Smart,Guide to House & Senate
Member, Post 59Frelinghuysen, Rodney  Project Vote Smart
Member, American Legion Post 36Shimkus, John  Project Vote Smart
Associated, Post 1132King, Pete  Project Vote Smart
MemberBoswell, Leonard  Guide to House & Senate
MemberGriffin, Tim  2010 Personal Financial Disclosure
MemberYoung, Todd  Project Vote Smart
MemberLandry, Jeff  Project Vote Smart
MemberHarris, Andy  Project Vote Smart
MemberGibson, Chris  Project Vote Smart
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