American Bar Association

Type of Nonprofit: 501(c)(6)

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PositionPoliticianDateFamily InvolvedSources
MemberShelby, Richard  
MemberSessions, Jeff  
Member, Citizenship Education CommitteeMcIntyre, Mike  
MemberSutton, Betty  Project Vote Smart
MemberWyden, Ron  Guide to House & Senate
MemberPerlmutter, Ed  Project Vote Smart
MemberDeutch, Ted  Project Vote Smart
MemberJackson Lee, Sheila  Guide to House & Senate
MemberGreen, Gene  Project Vote Smart,Guide to House & Senate,Official Congress Site
MemberCuellar, Henry  Project Vote Smart
MemberHatch, Orrin  Guide to House & Senate
MemberRisch, Jim  Project Vote Smart
MemberForbes, J. Randy  Project Vote Smart
MemberBoucher, Rick  Project Vote Smart,Guide to House & Senate
MemberBiggert, Judy  Project Vote Smart
MemberEmerson, Jo Ann  Other
MemberRoss, Dennis  Project Vote Smart
MemberHanabusa, Colleen  Project Vote Smart
MemberLandry, Jeff  Project Vote Smart
Chair, Conference of Section Chairman; Chair, Administrative Law SectionScalia, Antonin  Project Vote Smart
MemberFitzpatrick, Mike  Project Vote Smart
MemberCanseco, Quico  Project Vote Smart
Member  Gladney, RonOther
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